Tapchichomeo.com is looking for English teacher and animal welfare experts.


Tạp Chí Chó Mèo (Dogs and cats magazine)-http://tapchichomeo.com is a website providing free information about training and caring dogs and cats properly. The project aims to changing behavior of Vietnamese people toward eating dog and cat meat by building a community loving dogs and cats. The project also mainly focuses on improving dog and cat welfare in Vietnam.

Currently, tapchichomeo.com has more than 50 volunteers translating articles from English into Vietnamese across Vietnam. The volunteers do their job at no cost as they love dogs and cats and want to join a hand to end cruelty for dogs and cats in Vietnam. All they want is a better world for dogs and cats


In order building capacity for the volunteers, we are looking for people to help improving volunteers’ pronunciation.  The trainer can be foreigners and Vietnamese who know how teach pronunciation and communication skills.

As the website focuses on animal welfare for dogs and cats, we need an expert specialized in animal welfare to provide information about animal welfare for dogs and cats in Vietnam. It would be great if the volunteer working for conservation organization in Vietnam. The lessons can become a workshop for dog owners in Hanoi to know about animal welfare.

This is an unpaid position. We only can provide free meal/coffee and transportation (using grab motorbike)

Anyone interested in the volunteer opportunities should send an email to express their interest and hours/schedule they can contribute to the team to email tapchichomeo@gmail.com

Bạn góp 400đ/lượt click giúp website duy trì hoạt động. Website hoạt động phi lợi nhuận, dựa vào TNV yêu động vật, chó mèo.