Tạp Chí Chó Mèo ( ) is a website providing free information about training and caring dogs and cats properly. The project aims to changing behavior of Vietnamese people toward eating dog and cat meat by building a community loving dogs and cats. The project also mainly focuses on improving dog and cat welfare in Vietnam.

This is a not-for-project developed by a dog owner.


Translate, edit articles from English into Vietnamese and post these articles to the website. The articles’ source will be provided by or can be found by the translators. Translators having editing and translation experience will be promoted to editors and will be in charge of a column of the website.

Volunteers translators who are interested in YouTube, Fanpage tasks can be join the social media team.


This is an unpaid freelance position. The volunteer can work whenever they have time but must translate at least 8 articles per month.


  • Have an opportunity to practice your translation skill and English skill
  • Your translated articles with your pen name will be published in the website which has 15.000 views a month.
  • You will be trained on translation skill and how to use the website, how to post an article in the website and online marketing
  • You will be advised about how to make a CV, how to perform in a job interview and other soft skills.
  • An opportunity to meet up and make friends with people loving dogs and cats around Vietnam.


  • Have good English and translation skills and must love dogs and cats (if you do not love dogs and cats, you cannot do this job for a long term)
  • Must have 8 translated articles per month at least
  • Must work at least 3 months


Anyone interested in this job should send their CV to email no later than 17:00 April 20, 2016

Please note that this is an unpaid position.

Bạn góp 400đ/lượt click giúp website duy trì hoạt động. Website hoạt động phi lợi nhuận, dựa vào TNV yêu động vật, chó mèo.